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Since 1998, modellraketen.info is the leading German-speaking model rocketry web portal. The one-stop place for all information on model rocketry on the Internet. The site is founded and maintained by long-time rocketeer Oliver Missbach.

We are focused on rocketeers in native German-speaking areas such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and parts of Northern Italy (South Tyrol), parts of Belgium as well as for German speakers in surrounding countries such as the Netherlands, Poland or the Czech Republic.

modellraketen.info is a non-commercial rocketry project spreading the word about model rocketry (Modellraketen) in the Internet. We welcome all contributions such as articles, vendor news and others.

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We do not offer an English translation since we do have a sister site for European rocketeers in English and other languages (currently German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch): 

European Model Rocketry

We encourage all rocketeers who do not speak German to visit this site!

If you wish to get in touch with us, please visit our feedback page.

Have fun!

European Model Rocketry

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